Gestionarea doliului – implicaţii pentru adulţi şi copii
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VORONIUC, Ina. Gestionarea doliului – implicaţii pentru adulţi şi copii. In: Psihologie, revista ştiinţifico-practică . 2012, nr. 4, pp. 62-72. ISSN 1857-2502.
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Psihologie, revista ştiinţifico-practică
Numărul 4 / 2012 / ISSN 1857-2502 /ISSNe 2537-6276

Gestionarea doliului – implicaţii pentru adulţi şi copii

Pag. 62-72

Voroniuc Ina
Liceul Teoretic „Miguel de Cervantes“, mun. Chişinău
Disponibil în IBN: 14 decembrie 2013


The main aim of this article is to answer to the most freguent at the same time the most painful guestions of the parents when they meet the situation to talk children about the death of the people they love. The results of our investigations allow us to understand that not only the event is important but the way how the kid feel this- and this one tends to be determined by atitude, idea and kids thoughts. One of the most important elements of the ending the relationship with a dead person is the social support that the kid can get from his family, friends and other specialized people.

deces, sentiment de vinovăţie, sentiment de culpabilitate,