Mitul Electrei în versiunile lui Giraudoux, Eliot, Hofmannsthal şi Strauss
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GOLBAN, Tatiana. Mitul Electrei în versiunile lui Giraudoux, Eliot, Hofmannsthal şi Strauss. In: Metaliteratură. 2005, nr. 11, pp. 83-95. ISSN 1857-1905.
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Numărul 11 / 2005 / ISSN 1857-1905

Mitul Electrei în versiunile lui Giraudoux, Eliot, Hofmannsthal şi Strauss

Pag. 83-95

Golban Tatiana
Institutul de Filologie al AŞM
Disponibil în IBN: 15 decembrie 2013


The present study focuses on the ways in which a number of 20th century dramatists express in their plays the revival of ancient mythic and tragic dimensions of the story of crime and revenge involving the last two generations of the Atreus family, as to artistically employ the myth for the practical purpose of argumentation and materialization in the literary text of their philosophical and artistic credo. In particular, the study proposes to investigate the system of the thematic elements of Electra myth from the synchronic perspective, following a number of defining features, principles and elements (theoretical, thematic and structural) correlated within one literary pattern. The study focuses, in synthesis, methodologically and methodically, on Electra myth conceived as a literary system in itself, expressing in literature a fundamental situation for the human condition, where Electra becomes a literary invention, a literary archetype as universal symbol, reifying its own literary myth of individual essence. Under the form of literary myth, that is being an independent literary system expressing its own fundamental situation, Electra myth develops and establishes itself in the 20th century drama in Mourning Becomes Electra by O’Neill, Electra by Hofmannsthal si Strauss, and Electra by Giraudoux; whereas under the form of literalised myth, that is being placed as literary system within the larger system of a different and ampler fundamental situation expressed by the myth of the Atreus family, Electra myth reveals itself in The Flies by Sartre, The Family Reunion by Eliot, and in other texts.