Interzicerea armei nucleare – o sarcină primordială a lumii contemporane
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BALAN, Oleg; SÂRCU-SCOBIOALĂ, Diana. Interzicerea armei nucleare – o sarcină primordială a lumii contemporane. In: Administrarea Publică. 2013, nr. 2(78), pp. 32-41. ISSN 1813-8489.
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Administrarea Publică
Numărul 2(78) / 2013 / ISSN 1813-8489

Interzicerea armei nucleare – o sarcină primordială a lumii contemporane

CZU: 341.23/.24
Pag. 32-41

Balan Oleg1, Sârcu-Scobioală Diana2
1 Academia de Administrare Publică,
2 Universitatea de Stat din Moldova
Disponibil în IBN: 16 decembrie 2013


The nuclear weapons ban represents a stringent task in the today world. There are still sufficient states which support the necessity of nuclear weapons possessing in order to guarantee and assure international peace and security, this fact not corresponding any more to the situation we presently face. In a world where nuclear energy is used also in non peaceful goal, there cannot be safety and peace, atomic arms being a continuing danger for the mere existence of the mankind. The nuclear weapons ban is a complex process characterized by specific periods of adopting of different international imperatives acts, they being more than 10, which for more than half of century eager to stop the nuclear proliferation and to edify a world with no nuclear weapons. Well, till there are states concerned in maintaining of their nuclear power, the nuclear arms ban is more fictive than real.

nuclear weapon, international treaty limiting proliferation, use of nuclear energy in exclusive peaceful scopes, nuclear tests, nuclear countries