Rapsodul Nicolae Sulac: conştiinţă, modele, repere etnofolclorice şi sociale
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COLAC, Tudor. Rapsodul Nicolae Sulac: conştiinţă, modele, repere etnofolclorice şi sociale . In: Philologia. 2011, nr. 5-6(258), pp. 72-78. ISSN 0236-3119.
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Numărul 5-6(258) / 2011 / ISSN 0236-3119

Rapsodul Nicolae Sulac: conştiinţă, modele, repere etnofolclorice şi sociale

Pag. 72-78

Colac Tudor
Institutul de Filologie al AŞM
Disponibil în IBN: 29 iulie 2013


Clairvoyance, precision and fidelity, these would be the words to express the manner of our performer to practice the art of gathering, creation/recreation and performing of ethnical folkloric songs; these allow him to find himself on the top of ethnos creators. He was at least a rhapsodist with deep insight for popular tradition being thwarted with it. Talented and sensitive, receptive towards other people’s aspirations, he expressed his inspiration with a sincerity that identified him with the characters of his creations. The folkloric style is exactly the man and the singer, in a perfectly natural integrity. Thus, only the original folklore offers that magic of a play with no rules, with subtle discovery resulted off the opposition between the conformism and innovation. The participation of a performer-creator, a newsmonger, makes this magic sparkle in the spring of new and authentic appearances. The reputed model has the characteristics of that well-known and well-appreciated sublime folklore, in creations different if compared to the previous ones. A talented performer, gifted with the qualities mentioned above, makes the folklore develop in spectacular and surprising forms. Because it has the capacity to blend past energies of a traditional melos with the individuality and ingenuity of a matured artistic ego. The axiology of folkloric creation between authentic and kitsch, this way registers as an adequate expression, corresponding to historical and aesthetic conditions of genre/style/area. We are not sure of how others would call this, but we knew Nicolae Sulac placed within these parameters, of a model creator-performer, and generator of models. This is why, dear reader, we ask you to open the gates of your heart to this universe that is called Nicolae Sulac, so you know the magic of his sorrows that inspired a lifetime of a man and an artist.