Critica lui Mihai Cimpoi şi modelele ei
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GRATI, Aliona. Critica lui Mihai Cimpoi şi modelele ei . In: Philologia. 2012, nr. 3-4(262), pp. 8-24. ISSN 0236-3119.
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Numărul 3-4(262) / 2012 / ISSN 0236-3119

Critica lui Mihai Cimpoi şi modelele ei

Pag. 8-24

Grati Aliona
Institutul de Filologie al AŞM
Disponibil în IBN: 29 iulie 2013


The article presents a definition of Mihai Cimpoi’s criticism and an identification of the most important models followed by our most important critic. The author will try to provide arguments in favour of the fact that Mihai Cimpoi’s critical model ranges from artistic expression of empirical taste, aesthetic appreciation and philosophical questioning. He values in an inevitable syncretism fundamental moments of Romanian critical tradition. Through the recovery of predecessors: Dimitrie Cantemir, Mihail Kogalniceanu, Ion Heliade Radulescu, B.P. Hasdeu, Garabet Ibraileanu, Ovid Densusianu, D. Caracostea, Nicolae Iorga, Tudor Vianu and, especially, Titu Maiorescu and George Calinescu, Mihai Cimpoi shapes his personality of a critic and formulates his own position that is adapted to the troubles of the time.

Mihai Cimpoi, critical models, literary consciousness,


critical thinking