Structural and optical properties of ZnTe thin films
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POTLOG, Tamara, MATICIUC, Natalia, MÎRZAC, Alexandra, DUMITRIU, Petru, SCORŢESCU, Dumitru. Structural and optical properties of ZnTe thin films. In: Proceedings of the International Semiconductor Conference: CAS, Ed. 35, 15-17 octombrie 2012, Sinaia. New Jersey: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2012, Vol. 2, pp. 321-324. ISBN 978-146730736-9. DOI:
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Proceedings of the International Semiconductor Conference
Vol. 2, 2012
Conferința " International Semiconductor Conference"
35, Sinaia, Romania, 15-17 octombrie 2012

Structural and optical properties of ZnTe thin films


Pag. 321-324

Potlog Tamara1, Maticiuc Natalia2, Mîrzac Alexandra1, Dumitriu Petru1, Scorţescu Dumitru1
1 Moldova State University,
2 Tallinn University of Technology
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Thin films of ZnTe have been prepared by close spaced sublimation technique. The deposited films have been characterized by using optical absorption, X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Structural investigations performed by X-ray diffraction technique showed that studied samples are polycrystalline and have a cubic (zinc blende) structure. XRD patterns have been used to determine the microstructural parameters (crystallite size, lattice parameter) of investigated films. Surface morphology studies SEM shows that the grains are uniformly distributed over the entire surface of the substrate. Optical properties of ZnTe films were studied extensively in the range of incident photon energy (0.5-4.0) eV. In the studied ZnTe films the direct transitions take place.

Close spaced sublimation, Deposited films, Direct transition, Incident photon energy, Microstructural parameters, Polycrystalline, Structural and optical properties, Structural investigation, X-ray diffraction techniques, XRD patterns, Zinc blende, ZnTe thin films