Biblioteca mănăstirii Hârbovăţ. Reconstituire
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CERETEU, Igor. Biblioteca mănăstirii Hârbovăţ. Reconstituire. In: Anuarul Institutului de Istorie . 2013, nr. 2, pp. 130-144. ISSN 2345-1939.
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Anuarul Institutului de Istorie
Numărul 2 / 2013 / ISSN 2345-1939

Biblioteca mănăstirii Hârbovăţ. Reconstituire

Library of Harbovat monastery. Reconstitution

Pag. 130-144

Cereteu Igor
Institutul de Istorie, Stat şi Drept al AŞM
Disponibil în IBN: 13 mai 2022


Harbovat monastery is located in the valley of Ichel River and has a very long history since it was founded in the first half of the eighteenth century. According to someold traditions, the history of Harbovat monastery can be drawn as early as the middle of the seventeenth century. The first evidence on old books from Harbovat dates back to 1813, when the monk Theophilus seek his four books about the lives of saints. Soon after, in 1815, the library of monastery is completed with Liturgy in Russian. More detailed information about the library of monastery of Harbovat and stored there church books is provided by Petre Constantinescu-Iasi and Paul Michail during the period between wrld wasr I and II. This article includes also books with handwritten notes, studied lately.