Cultura naţională din RSSM între ,,dezgheţul” şi ,,îngheţul” hruşciovist
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NEGRU, Elena. Cultura naţională din RSSM între ,,dezgheţul” şi ,,îngheţul” hruşciovist. In: Anuarul Institutului de Istorie . 2012, nr. 1, pp. 268-280. ISSN 2345-1939.
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Anuarul Institutului de Istorie
Numărul 1 / 2012 / ISSN 2345-1939

Cultura naţională din RSSM între ,,dezgheţul” şi ,,îngheţul” hruşciovist

National culture of MSSR between Khrushchev’s „thaw” and „frost”

Pag. 268-280

Negru Elena
Institutul de Istorie, Stat şi Drept al AŞM
Disponibil în IBN: 13 mai 2022


The article reflects the evolution of the national policy of the communist leaders of the USSR during the Hruscheviste Thaw (1953-1964) and the impact of this policy on the cultural and national realities of the MSSR. Unlike în other soviet republics, in MSSR the laws adopted in May and June 1952 regarding the indigenization of leaders and the affirmation of national languages, had no results. One reason is that there was no numerous and influential national leaderschip here, that could promote the national culture. At the same time the leaders promoted conter – measures against ,,nationalism”. In reality, the so-called thaw was accompanied, especially after the 1956, by progressive ,,freezes” that as an effect of the restriction of political and national rights and the intensification of the fight against any forms of opposition towards the communist regime