Contribuţii la istoria neamului boieresc al Vărzăreştilor
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BACALOV, Sergiu. Contribuţii la istoria neamului boieresc al Vărzăreştilor. In: Anuarul Institutului de Istorie . 2012, nr. 1, pp. 67-104. ISSN 2345-1939.
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Anuarul Institutului de Istorie
Numărul 1 / 2012 / ISSN 2345-1939

Contribuţii la istoria neamului boieresc al Vărzăreştilor

The contributions to the history of Boyar family Varzar

Pag. 67-104

Bacalov Sergiu
Institutul de Istorie, Stat şi Drept al AŞM
Disponibil în IBN: 13 mai 2022


Historical and genealogical research of family Varzar allowed to allocate some controversial points. In addition, we have identified in the documents of the family's Varzar from the village Meleshen many times contradictory moments, including a genealogical findings made in the House of Representatives of the nobility of Bessarabia, in reviewing these documents. In addition, we note that even a family tree of the family Varzar made in the designated agency (see number 9), found some bugs. However, small differences may in no way reduces the social status and role were the representatives of the family Varzar in the history of Moldova. Their ancestors came from the old nobility, which creating Moldavia, and family ties are associated with several ancient boyar clans. Varzar and their ancestors had great political influence (especially during the reign of the princes of Alexandru cel Bun, Petru vodă Rareş, Ivan the Terrible, Myron vodă Barnovsky, etc.), and but significant contributions to the preservation and development of the cultural and spiritual life of Moldavia, including in between the rivers Prut and Dniester rivers.