Assessment nutritional value and efficiency for use of a new source of vegetable fodder
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Zootehnie. Creșterea și înmulțirea animalelor. Creșterea vitelor, a șeptelului. Înmulțirea animalelor domestice (706)
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COŞMAN, Sergiu, BAHCIVANJI, Mihail, COCIU, Valeriu, COŞMAN, Valentina, BĂLĂNESCU, Savelie. Assessment nutritional value and efficiency for use of a new source of vegetable fodder. In: Scientific Papers. Series D. Animal Science, 2012, nr. 1(55), pp. 53-56. ISSN 2285-5750.
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Scientific Papers. Series D. Animal Science
Numărul 1(55) / 2012 / ISSN 2285-5750 /ISSNe 2393-2260

Assessment nutritional value and efficiency for use of a new source of vegetable fodder

CZU: 636.085.51

Pag. 53-56

Coşman Sergiu1, Bahcivanji Mihail1, Cociu Valeriu2, Coşman Valentina1, Bălănescu Savelie2
1 Scientific and practical institute of Biotechnologies in Animal Husbandry Veterinari Medicine,
2 State Agrarian University of Moldova
Disponibil în IBN: 17 februarie 2022


Fodder sources for livestock sector diversification is always present a problem in Moldova. Viticulture industry in our country occupies an important place in agriculture and annually the result of processing of grapes obtained large quantities of such waste as: grape marc, peel grapes, wine lees and others. These wastes can serve as a very precious source of feed for farming animals. Currently, waste from processing of grapes is used in other fields - medicine, food industry. As a result of these processing products are obtained comparative new and less studied, such as cake or macuhul (cake) made of grape seeds, shell beans and others. The aim of our research was to studied nutritional value and the possibility use macuhului (cake) made of grape seed in nutrition of young cattle and appreciation the optimal level of inclusion of this product in the composition combined fodder. Macuhul (cake) made of grape seeds is a precious waste of processing industry can be successfully used in rations of farming animals because it contains a sufficient level of protein (10.5%), lipids (5.2), sugar (9.8%), macro-and microelements. Taking into consideration the productivity of animals, ingestion level of feeds, blood indices, we believe that the optimal level of inclusion of the macuhului (cake) made of grape seeds in the composition combined fodder for young cattle is 5 to 10%.

diversification fodder sources, cake of grape, combined fodder