Noțiunea de patrimoniu conform reglementărilor naționale
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CHIRIAC, Natalia, URSU, Viorica, BOSTAN, Ina. Noțiunea de patrimoniu conform reglementărilor naționale. In: Patrimoniul arhitectural: aspecte tehnice, economice şi juridice, 27-28 octombrie 2021, Chișinău. Chișinău: MS Logo, 2021, pp. 113-125. ISBN 978-9975-3464-3-6.
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Patrimoniul arhitectural: aspecte tehnice, economice şi juridice 2021
Seminarul "Patrimoniul arhitectural: aspecte tehnice, economice şi juridice"
Chișinău, Moldova, 27-28 octombrie 2021

Noțiunea de patrimoniu conform reglementărilor naționale

The concept of heritage under national regulations

Pag. 113-125

Chiriac Natalia, Ursu Viorica, Bostan Ina
Universitatea Tehnică a Moldovei
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All at once heritage is everywhere … One can hardly move without bumping into a heritage site. Every legacy is cherished.” (Lowenthal 1998) The field of cultural heritage is a civilizational phenomenon of unique importance. In the context of the rapid development of the technocratic processes of modern society, the problem of anthropogenic and technogenic destruction of the historical and cultural elements of human heritage becomes more and more acute. Today, cultural heritage is gaining political power and increasing importance as a guarantor of preserving the identity and originality of the people, a valuable competitive advantage in the context of globalization. The issue of conservation and protection of cultural heritage has always been relevant. In recent decades, its importance has increased, and many effective measures have been taken to recognize the importance of issues related to the protection and use of cultural heritage at the national level. In the Republic of Moldova, the definition of patrimony is used in various special normative acts, which, in turn, determine the legal regime of certain categories of goods. This article is dedicated to the analysis of national normative acts that define and characterize the notion of heritage.

patrimoniu, drepturi, obligații, registru, fond, domeniu.

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