Stroke risk factors in young adults in the population of the Republic of Moldova.
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EFREMOVA, Daniela; BONDARCIUC, Ana; BÎTCA, Pavel; GLAVAN, Danu; CIOBANU, Natalia; GROPPA, Stanislav. Stroke risk factors in young adults in the population of the Republic of Moldova.. In: International Journal of Stroke. 2020, nr. 1S(15), p. 507. ISSN 1747-4930.
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International Journal of Stroke
Numărul 1S(15) / 2020 / ISSN 1747-4930 /ISSNe 1747-4949

Stroke risk factors in young adults in the population of the Republic of Moldova.

Pag. 507-507

Efremova Daniela, Bondarciuc Ana, Bîtca Pavel, Glavan Danu, Ciobanu Natalia, Groppa Stanislav
Emergency Medicine Institute
Disponibil în IBN: 26 noiembrie 2021


Background And Aims: Stroke in young adults accounts for approximately 15% of all stroke cases. Stroke has a significant socio-economic impact with devastating consequences in terms of quality of life, work ability and integration into the social life. Causes of stroke in the young adults often belong to rare causes or remain undetermined, however, traditional cardiovascular risk factors can be underestimated in the occurrence of stroke in young adults. Methods: Beginning with 2015 we initiated an epidemiological study aimed to assess the stroke risk factors. Subjects were examined according to a pre-established International Protocol of risk factors’ estimation. This protocol included: a questionnaire, clinical and laboratory examination, electrocardiogram and Doppler-Duplex evaluation of carotid arteries (extracranial segment). Results: The study included 658 subjects aged between 18 and 50 years, among which 392 women (60 %) and 266 men (40%). The mean age was 37.1  8.8 years. The most common identified risk factors were: abdominal obesity in 403 (61.2%), dyslipidemia in 308 (46.8%) subjects, obesity of varying degrees in 200 (30.39%), family history of stroke in 151 (22.9%) subjects, smoking in 107 (16.2%) subjects and hypertension in 82 (12.4%) subjects. Conclusions: Stroke in young adults is a major public health problem. A better understanding of risk factors and long-term prognosis is extremely important. So far, detailed information on stroke risk factors in young adults still remains limited. Trial Registration Number: Not applicable