Expresii culturale tradiționale în spectacolul teatral: sens și valoare
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Teatru. Artă scenică. Reprezentații teatrale (529)
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GHILAŞ, Ana. Expresii culturale tradiționale în spectacolul teatral: sens și valoare. In: Tradiţii şi procese etnice, Ed. 2, 30 martie 2021, Chişinău. Chişinău: Fox Trading SRL, 2021, Ediția 2, pp. 16-23. ISBN 978-9975-3337-8-8. DOI: https://doi.org/10.52603/9789975333788.02
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Tradiţii şi procese etnice
Ediția 2, 2021
Simpozionul "Tradiţii şi procese etnice"
2, Chişinău, Moldova, 30 martie 2021

Expresii culturale tradiționale în spectacolul teatral: sens și valoare

Traditional cultural expressions in theatrical performance: meaning and value

CZU: 792.09

Pag. 16-23

Ghilaş Ana
Institutul Patrimoniului Cultural
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Disponibil în IBN: 4 noiembrie 2021


The object of the investigation is the relation between theatrical discourse and traditional cultural expressions. The main objective of the research is to highlight the way traditional art was made use of by directors at different historical stages and the artistic, cognitive, educational meanings and valences of some forms of traditional cultural expressions in the structure of theatrical discourse. Resorting to the comparativehistorical method, through the analyzes of the performances, we demonstrate the polysemanticism of the dramatic action and the variety of artistic functions of the traditional Romanian song, of the nuptial ceremony ”Iertarea miresei” /Forgiveness of the bride”, of the rite of passage “Moşii/Forefathers” in the spectacular universe created by directors in different theaters. These traditional forms promote and affirm identity marks – of the ethnic group and of the creative individuality (playwright, director, set designer, actor), but also the intercultural character of some shows.

theatrical discourse, identity, traditional art forms, rites of passage