Vladimir Beşleagă prin Ochii Stelianei
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CORCINSCHI, Nina. Vladimir Beşleagă prin Ochii Stelianei . In: Metaliteratură. 2011, nr. 3-4(26), pp. 50-56. ISSN 1857-1905.
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Numărul 3-4(26) / 2011 / ISSN 1857-1905

Vladimir Beşleagă prin Ochii Stelianei

Pag. 50-56

Corcinschi Nina
Institutul de Filologie al AŞM
Disponibil în IBN: 16 decembrie 2013


The journal “State of emergency” has comprised, between its pages, Vladimir Besleaga with a volume of poems, confessions, dialogues and judgments, all under “Steliana’s Eyes”. The core of his confession is, in a concentric rotation, life and death, the natural that arise paradoxes, but firstly nothingness of life. Besleaga’s poetry does not enchant through spectacular, artifice or mannerism. Its art consists of truths about the realities of human destiny, presented simply and with easy irony. His poetry lives due to the resources of wisdom and thought and it is very closely related to prose.

poetry, dialogue, religion, life, death