Managerial reengineering and efficiency
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2021-11-16 11:01
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VERBONCU, Ion; ŞAVGA, Larisa; SIMION, Cezar-Petre. Managerial reengineering and efficiency. In: Proceedings of the 32nd International Business Information Management Association Conference, IBIMA 2018 - Vision 2020 Sustainable Economic Development and Application of Innovation Management from Regional expansion to Global Growth. Ediția 32-a, 15-16 noiembrie 2018, Sevilla. King of Prussia, USA: International Business Information Management Association, IBIMA, 2018, pp. 4045-4053. ISBN 978-099985511-9.
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Proceedings of the 32nd International Business Information Management Association Conference, IBIMA 2018 - Vision 2020
Ediția 32-a, 2018
Conferința "32nd International Business Information Management Association Conference"
Sevilla, Spain, 15-16 noiembrie 2018

Managerial reengineering and efficiency

Pag. 4045-4053

Verboncu Ion1, Şavga Larisa2, Simion Cezar-Petre1
1 Bucharest University of Economic Studies,
2 Trade Co-operative University of Moldova
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One of the most complex ways of managerial change is the management system redesign, respectively the managerial reengineering, respectively the reorganization and redesign of the organization management, according to a rigorous methodology. For more than 3 decades there has been talked about reengineering. First, there was the reengineering of business processes, then the reengineering of the organization and its management, without achieving a unitary approach to the steps to be taken in order to benefit from an efficient and effective management, generating efficiency at the organization level. Regardless of the present hypostasis - the managerial change as itself, or as a strategic option in the context of the organization's global strategy or as managerial methodological approach - managerial reengineering is a difficult and complex approach requiring active and responsible engagement on the part of a dedicated specialists team. Given the amount of time needed to design and test the new management system project, managerial reengineering undoubtedly has a pronounced strategic dimension. Our work focuses on both its methodological aspects, as well as its implications on the efficiency of the organization. 

Decisions quality, management efficiency, managerial reengineering, Reengineering methodology