The social responsibility of scientists
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ŢURCAN, Galina. The social responsibility of scientists. In: Classical and Innovative Approaches in Contemporary Economic Thought: Considerations regarding the quality of life in the context of a changing Europe, 27 mai 2016, Chişinău. Chișinău, Republica Moldova: Departamentul Editorial-Poligrafic al ASEM, 2016, Ediția a 2-a, pp. 124-127. ISBN 978-9975-75-844-4; 978-9975-75-845-1 (PDF).
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Classical and Innovative Approaches in Contemporary Economic Thought
Ediția a 2-a, 2016
Conferința "Classical and Innovative Approaches in Contemporary Economic Thought"
Chişinău, Moldova, 27 mai 2016

The social responsibility of scientists

Pag. 124-127

Ţurcan Galina
Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova
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This article outlines the particularities of scientists’ responsibility. Their responsibility is to obtain useful knowledge in such a manner that will not cause any distress, harm or detriment to those involved with the experimentation that acquires the knowledge. The responsibilities of scientists can be divided into inner responsibilities – related to their conduct towards their discipline, their profession and colleagues, and external responsibilities – related to the impact of their research on the society as a whole.

scientific research, ethics, moral responsibility, intellectual freedom, personal values

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