The theory of multi-mode scattering laser
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ŢURCAN, Marina; ENAKI, N.. The theory of multi-mode scattering laser. In: International Conference of Young Researchers . Ediția 6, 6-7 noiembrie 2008, Chişinău. Chişinău: Tipogr. Simbol-NP SRL, 2008, p. 123. ISBN 978-9975-62-196-0.
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International Conference of Young Researchers
Ediția 6, 2008
Conferința "International Conference of Young Researchers "
Chişinău, Moldova, 6-7 noiembrie 2008

The theory of multi-mode scattering laser

Pag. 123-123

Ţurcan Marina, Enaki N.
Institute of Applied Physics
Disponibil în IBN: 25 mai 2021


The multi mode coherent generation of light is in the center of attention of many experimental and theoretical studies in the last time. In this reports it is proposed the new model of multi mode generator which takes into account stokkes and antistokkes in scattering process of generated light. The influence of the cooperative multi-mode aspect of photon generation [2] on the quantum statistical proprieties of light is studied. We propose the model interaction Hamiltonian which takes in to account the multi–mode process in interaction of external field with atoms in micro cavity. Using the method of elimination of virtual states [1], we obtain this the effective interaction Hamiltonian which describe the simultaneously generation of entanglement photon in the stokkes and antistokkes modes with high second order coherence. Taking in to account the good cavity limits in the process of multi–mode generation the master equation for lasing process is obtain. The kinetic and steady state solutions of this equation for threshold case, which takes in to account the quantum fluctuation is obtained. The property of entanglement photon states is studied using higher correlation functions observed in the modern experiments. The application of predicts effects of the multi-mode generation light in the quantum processing of information it is proposed.

entanglement photon states, multi-mode generation