Prevestirea şi apariţia Ciumei: interferenţe istorice şi etnoculturale
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ARAPU, Valentin. Prevestirea şi apariţia Ciumei: interferenţe istorice şi etnoculturale. In: Tradiţii şi procese etnice. Ediția 1, 6 octombrie 2020, Chişinău. Chişinău: Tipogr. „Grafema Libris", 2020, pp. 123-132. ISBN 978-9975-52-221-2.
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Tradiţii şi procese etnice
Ediția 1, 2020
Simpozionul "Tradiţii şi procese etnice,"
Ediția a 1-a, Chişinău, Moldova, 6 octombrie 2020

Prevestirea şi apariţia Ciumei: interferenţe istorice şi etnoculturale

CZU: 94(100)+821(100).09+616-036.22

Pag. 123-132

Arapu Valentin
Institutul Patrimoniului Cultural
Disponibil în IBN: 13 decembrie 2020


In human history, we can fi nd many examples of predictions of plague epidemics through the prism of popular beliefs, an interpretation of natural cataclysms and a movement of the stars. Of major importance in this regard, were the apocalyptic visions, inspired from the visionary writings of the Apostle John by invoking the mission of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse which symbolized the Parthian Archer, War, Hunger, and Plague / Death. On a symbolic dimension, the Plague comes on a yellow horse, pale green, symbolizes disease and death, and in the Romanian popular beliefs persistent magical practices of removing a plague with a horse’s head. The causes of the outbreak of the plague are explained by the people in the dependence on the historical epochs of the concrete in which they were living, giving priority to the causes of heavenly nature, the plague being perceived as a punishment sent to the people by divinity for the sins committed, disobedience and deviation of the sacred canons.

plague, apocalypse, foresight, Symptomatic, expulsion of the plague

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