Regional intelligent data warehouse for DLD cases
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SECRIERU, Iulian; GUTULEAC, Elena; POPCOVA, Olga. Regional intelligent data warehouse for DLD cases. In: International Conference on Intelligent Information Systems. 4-5 decembrie 2020, Chișinău. Chișinău: Tipografia "Valinex", 2020, pp. 185-188. ISBN 978-9975-68-415-6.
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International Conference on Intelligent Information Systems 2020
Conferința "International Conference on Intelligent Information Systems"
2020, Chișinău, Moldova, 4-5 decembrie 2020

Regional intelligent data warehouse for DLD cases

Pag. 185-188

Secrieru Iulian, Gutuleac Elena, Popcova Olga
Vladimir Andrunakievich Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science

Sisteme informatice inteligente pentru soluționarea problemelor slab structurate, procesarea cunoștințelor și volumelor mari de date

Disponibil în IBN: 10 decembrie 2020


Diffuse liver diseases (DLD) is a continuing concern of internal medicine and a subject of numerous research and publications. Correct and early assessment of liver diseases combined with appropriate management of pathologies can certainly increase the patients’ quality of life and its duration. The main aim of the research is to formalize and integrate data and scientific knowledge from the fields of diagnostics and treatment of DLD, which at the moment are unstructured, fragmented and heterogeneous into a unique informational space. Data and knowledge digital warehouse is used in order to allow the interoperability of the stored data contents and knowledge, for healthcare shareholders from EaP region (Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine).

Medical Informatics, Diffuse Liver Diseases, data digital warehouse