Changes in lipid composition of streptomyces massasporeus CNMN-AC-06 biomass after long-term storage
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GARBUZNEAK, Anastasia; BYRSA, Maxim; BURTSEVA, Svetlana; CHISELITSA, Natalia; CHISELITA, Oleg. Changes in lipid composition of streptomyces massasporeus CNMN-AC-06 biomass after long-term storage. In: Mikrobiolohichnyi Zhurnal. 2020, nr. 5(82), pp. 41-47. ISSN 1028-0987.
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Mikrobiolohichnyi Zhurnal
Numărul 5(82) / 2020 / ISSN 1028-0987 /ISSNe 2616-9258

Changes in lipid composition of streptomyces massasporeus CNMN-AC-06 biomass after long-term storage

Pag. 41-47

Garbuzneak Anastasia, Byrsa Maxim, Burtseva Svetlana, Chiselitsa Natalia, Chiselita Oleg
Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology
20.80009.5107.16 Preparate microbiene biologic active noi pentru majorarea potențialului reproductiv și productiv al animalelor de interes zootehnic
Disponibil în IBN: 10 noiembrie 2020


Aim. The aim of the research was to determine changes in content and composition of Streptomyces massasporeus CNMN-Ac-06 strain biomass lipid complex during cultivation in various nutrient media after long-term storage. Methods. To obtain the inoculum, S. massasporeus CNMN-Ac-06 strain was cultivated in Dulaney medium. For biomass accumulation, inoculum was cultivated in M-I, SP-I and SP-III. The amount of biomass was determined on the 5th day of culture growth. Intracellular lipids were extracted from streptomycete biomass by Folch method modified in our laboratory. The qualitative and quantitative characteristic of lipid complex composition was determined by thin-layer chromatography. 10 % solution of phosphomolybdic acid in ethanol was used as developer. The quantity of individual lipid fractions was determined by densitometry. Results. The studied strain was cultivated in three nutrient liquid media. Cultivation of the strain in M-I medium increases the biomass yield up to 11.53 g/l. In case of SP-III, on the contrary, at the beginning of research, the biomass yield was higher than after storage. The best result of the synthesis of total lipids was noted after SP-I medium use. Analysis of the quantity of main lipid fractions in the biomass showed that the maximum percentage of phospholipids was 12.15 % after cultivation in SP-I medium. The amount of sterols in biomass was: in M-I medium – 8.96 %, in SP-I medium – 12.15 % and in SP-III medium – 14.17 %. The smallest amount of mono-and diglycerides in the total lipids of the biomass of this strain was observed after cultivation in SP-III medium, sterol esters in SP-I medium, and waxes in M-I medium. The studies shown that the highest amount of biomass of the strain S. massasporeus CNMN-Ac-06 was noted after cultivation in nutrient medium M-I (11.53 g/l), and the maximum percentage of total lipids after cultivation in medium SP-I (15.85 %). Conclusions. The experiments shown that in order to increase the biomass of S. massasporeus CNMN-Ac-06 strain, it is the best to cultivate this microorganism in complex SP-I medium. But, a significant amount of such physiologically important lipid fractions like phospholipids was obtained in SP-I medium and sterols in SP-I and SP-III media. 

biomass, lipids, phospholipids, sterols, Storage, Streptomyces massasporeus