Școala pentru diversitate în epoca digitală
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Fundamente ale educației. Teorie. Politică etc. (3104)
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BURLACU, Natalia; GEORGESCU, Maria. Școala pentru diversitate în epoca digitală. In: Dezvoltarea economico-socială durabilă a euroregiunilor şi a zonelor transfrontaliere. Vol.36, 30 octombrie 2020, Iași, România. Iași, România: Performantica, 2020, pp. 128-134. ISBN 978-606-685-744-4.
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Dezvoltarea economico-socială durabilă a euroregiunilor şi a zonelor transfrontaliere
Vol.36, 2020
Conferința "Dezvoltarea economico-socială durabilă a euroregiunilor şi a zonelor transfrontaliere"
Iași, România, Romania, 30 octombrie 2020

Școala pentru diversitate în epoca digitală

The school for diversity in the digital age

CZU: 37.016:004
JEL: I 21

Pag. 128-134

Burlacu Natalia1, Georgescu Maria23
1 Technical University of Moldova,
2 "Ion Creanga" State Pedagogical University of Chisinau,
3 Centrul Județean de Resurse și Asistență Educațională Vâlcea
Disponibil în IBN: 5 noiembrie 2020


In general, the ultimate goal of the national education system is to prepare future adults, members of the same society who will have and respect common values. As a result, the school is only one side of the social system, and the changes within it can’t be remarkable in the absence of changes directed at the level of the other social aspects: economic, political, communicational, cultural, spiritual - all deeply marked by the insistent presence of digital in public and personal spaces, both professional and personal. Thus, this requires finding structures that flexibly and efficiently combine interventions from all fields, transformations that involve the formation of a positive attitude towards integration from a perspective, as cordial as possible to the school's inclusion in aspects of diversity specific to the digital age. This society-wide approach must ensure the observance of the principle of normalization, more precisely, to ensure the access for all categories of people to the ontological models and to the standards of a quality life. The expression ,,school for diversity” is the correspondence of the phrase ‘school for all’ and represents the aspiration for the perception and acceptance of physical, socio-cultural, linguistic and psychological differences between children and / or students, the aim being to give everyone the opportunity to learn according to his own rhythm, possibilities, his own needs, these situations being possible to achieve in the conditions of a school from the digital age, which comes with multiple mechanisms for self-expression, according to the individual features of the actors of the didactic process.

digital age, diversity, school