The image of the other as a study object of imagology
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IOVU, Elisaveta. The image of the other as a study object of imagology. In: Identities in Globalisation. Intercultural Perspectives: Literature, 25 mai 2019, Tîrgu Mureş,. Tîrgu Mureş, România: The Alpha Institute for Multicultural Studies, 2019, Ediția a 6-a, Lite, pp. 610-617. ISBN 978-606-8624-19-8.
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Identities in Globalisation. Intercultural Perspectives
Ediția a 6-a, Lite, 2019
Conferința "Identities in Globalisation. Intercultural Perspectives"
Tîrgu Mureş,, Romania, 25 mai 2019

The image of the other as a study object of imagology

Pag. 610-617

Iovu Elisaveta
State University „Dimitrie Cantemir”
Disponibil în IBN: 4 noiembrie 2020


In this article we will review the meanings of the „Other" image which has acquired to different authors and to some disciplines such as psychology, ethnology, history, sociology, anthropology and, in particular, of the comparative literature. Actually, there are many types of imagologies which depending on the specific approach of the „Other‖. Starting from the way they define their subject matter, namely the notion of the „Other‖, imagology is divided into psychological imagology, historical imagology, literary imagology, anthropological imagology, social imagology.

the Other, The Stranger, Alter, Queer, imagology

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