Topoanalysis of urban space in postmodern novels from Bessarabia
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ŞIMANSCHI, Ludmila. Topoanalysis of urban space in postmodern novels from Bessarabia. In: Identities in Globalisation. Intercultural Perspectives Literature. Ediția a 7-a, Lite, 11-12 septembrie 2020, Tîrgu Mureş,. Tîrgu Mureş, România: The Alpha Institute for Multicultural Studies, 2020, pp. 68-77. ISBN 978-606-8624-10-5.
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Identities in Globalisation. Intercultural Perspectives
Ediția a 7-a, Lite, 2020
Conferința "Identities in Globalisation. Intercultural Perspectives"
Tîrgu Mureş,, Romania, 11-12 septembrie 2020

Topoanalysis of urban space in postmodern novels from Bessarabia

Pag. 68-77

Şimanschi Ludmila
State University „Dimitrie Cantemir”
Disponibil în IBN: 12 octombrie 2020


In the study we present the results of the process of investigating the image of Chisinau in the novels of postmodern writers of Bessarabia: „Gestures” and „Living Tissue” by Emilian Galaicu-Păun and „The Glass Garden” by Tatiana Țîbuleac, following the structuring of the urban topos and the remodeling of the literary mental space. We analyzed the narrative texts from the perspective of identifying the topos that are relevant in the ideation of the novels and that provoked fictional representations or reconstructions of the Soviet and post-Soviet historical periods. The configuration of mental maps allowed the identification of particular ways of overlapping the text over real geography, rethinking the concrete, factual space and choosing a discursive formula based on projection of urban habitation in topographic spraying as a reflection of emotional chaos.

topoanalysis, mental map, city image, factual space, topographical spraying

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