Heavy metal analysis in different environmental samples from lower Danube Euroregion
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BOGDEVICH, Oleg; ENE, Antoaneta; CULÎGHIN, Elena; CADOCHNIKOV, Oleg; IZMAILOVA, Dina; NICOLAU, Elena; GRIGORAŞ, Marina. Heavy metal analysis in different environmental samples from lower Danube Euroregion. In: Balkan Workshop on Applied Physics. Ediția a 16-a, 7-9 iulie 2016, Constanța. Constanța, România : Ovidius University of Constanta, 2016, p. 169.
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Balkan Workshop on Applied Physics
Ediția a 16-a, 2016
Seminarul "Balkan Workshop on Applied Physics"
Constanța, Romania, 7-9 iulie 2016

Heavy metal analysis in different environmental samples from lower Danube Euroregion

Pag. 169-169

Bogdevich Oleg1, Ene Antoaneta2, Culîghin Elena1, Cadochnikov Oleg1, Izmailova Dina1, Nicolau Elena1, Grigoraş Marina1
1 Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova,
2 University "Dunarea de Jos", Galati
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The heavy metal concentration in different environmental samples (natural waters, soil, sediments) is
important for the assessment of the environmental quality and pollution sources. The soil contamination creates
a risk of deep and shallow groundwater pollution. Low Danube transboundary region has a strong impact from
different pollution sources which are situated in these countries: industrial activity, polluted sites, agriculture,
landffils etc. The aim of this study is an assessment of heavy metal concentration in different environmental
objects in samples from natural and polluted sites. The concentration of heavy metals was analysed in water
and sediments from deltaic area and in soil samples from selected polluted sites from Romania and Republic
of Moldova.
This analytical technique allows the determination of Cu, Zn, Fe, Mn, Pb, Cd, Al, Ni, Co, Mo,
Cr, As in different environmental media.
The higher concentration of several heavy metals (Pb, Cu, Zn, Cd,As) in sediments from Danube Delta
and Prut River was determined in the comparison with background concentration. Soil from polluted sites
showed a exceeding of the Maximal Admissible Concentration (MAC) for Pb by more that 50 times (1599.0
mg/kg), for Cu by 556 times and for Zn by 8.8 times. Other heavy metals have a concentration at regional
background level and did not exceed MAC. The comparison of heavy metal concentration in river sediments
and soil from polluted sites showed that possible pollution sources of Pb, Cu and Zn exist in these areas. Cd
and As have other pollution sources, not from the territory of Republic of Moldova. The obtained results can
be used for the Environmental Risk Assessment procedure in studied area. This study work is carried out in
the frame of Romanian-Moldavian-Ukrainian cross- border cooperation (Project MIS ETC 1676) between
Dunarea de Jos University of Galati, Institute of Zoology and Institute of Geology and Seismology, Academy
of Sciences of Moldova, and Ukrainian Scientific Centre for Ecology of the Sea.
Keywords: trace elements, AAS technique, soil, ediments.

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<dc:creator>Grigoraş, M.P.</dc:creator>
<dc:source>Balkan Workshop on Applied Physics (Ediția a 16-a) 169-169</dc:source>
<dc:title><p>Heavy metal analysis in different environmental samples from lower Danube Euroregion</p></dc:title>