Teaching the language of apologies in EFL classrooms
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CEBOTAROŞ, Viorica. Teaching the language of apologies in EFL classrooms. In: Traditie şi inovare în cercetarea ştiinţifică. Ediția 9, 11 octombrie 2019, Bălți. Bălți: Universitatea de Stat „Alecu Russo” din Bălți, 2019, pp. 46-51. ISBN 978-9975-50-243-6.
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Traditie şi inovare în cercetarea ştiinţifică
Ediția 9, 2019
Conferința "Traditie și inovare în cercetarea științifică"
Bălți, Moldova, 11 octombrie 2019

Teaching the language of apologies in EFL classrooms

CZU: 811.111’42(072.3)

Pag. 46-51

Cebotaroş Viorica
"Alecu Russo" State University of Balti
Disponibil în IBN: 30 iulie 2020


Successful communication in a foreign language requires not only good linguistic knowledge. An important area is being able to use the foreign language appropriately, taking into consideration the norms of speaking characteristic of the foreign language culture. The article discusses the role of pragmatic instruction in TEFL, with a focus on apologies – a speech act that contributes to maintaining social relationships. After revealing some peculiarities of apologies in the Anglo culture, it offers some activities that contribute to raising learners’ pragmatic awareness regarding the functioning of this speech act in English. 

apology, cultural norms, pragmatic competence, speech act