Obiectul juridic al infracţiunii de şantaj
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CRIJANOVSCHI, Sergiu; ULIANOVSCHI, Gheorghe. Obiectul juridic al infracţiunii de şantaj . In: Revista Naţională de Drept. 2011, nr. 8(131), pp. 62-68. ISSN 1811-0770.
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Revista Naţională de Drept
Numărul 8(131) / 2011 / ISSN 1811-0770

Obiectul juridic al infracţiunii de şantaj

Pag. 62-68

Crijanovschi Sergiu, Ulianovschi Gheorghe
Universitatea de Stat din Moldova
Disponibil în IBN: 25 noiembrie 2013


Trying to locate the place and role of extortion in the limits of the Special Part of the Criminal Code of Republic of Moldova cannot be achieved without identifying the legal content of the offense. Therefore, considering the vertical classification of penal object, the paper analyzed the special, general and generic object of the offence. Due to the circumstances that characterize the extortion offence, we can note that its special object regarded by the 189th article of the Penal Code of Moldova, has a bipartite structure: on the one side it consists of a main object, and on the other hand, of a secondary legal object. At the same time, to certify the offense – its special object needs to injure the social relations regarding patrimonial possessions (representing the main object of the crime of extortion), yet it needs to be accompanied by a certain injury concerning any of the following values: the integrity of psychological health of the individual, his physical integrity, the substance and potential use of property of another person, his physical freedom and health, etc. (representing the secondary object of the offense). In this context, it was concluded that only a symbiosis between at least two social values (a primary one and a secondary one), can unite the signs of the special object of the crime of extortion.