Концертмейстерство – особая сфера музыкального творчества
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КАРАЙ, Иван; КАРАЙ, Людмила. Концертмейстерство – особая сфера музыкального творчества. In: Ştiinţă, educaţie, cultură . Vol.2, 15 februarie 2019, Comrat. Comrat, Republica Moldova: Universitatea de Stat din Comrat, 2019, pp. 516-520. ISBN 978-9975-83-085-0.
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Ştiinţă, educaţie, cultură
Vol.2, 2019
Conferința "Ştiinţă, educaţie, cultură"
Comrat, Moldova, 15 februarie 2019

Концертмейстерство – особая сфера музыкального творчества

CZU: 78.07
Pag. 516-520

Карай Иван, Карай Людмила
Комратский государственный университет
Disponibil în IBN: 3 iunie 2020


Accompanist - the most common profession among pianists, accordionists, accordionists and other instrumentalists. He is demanded literally everywhere: in the classroom - in all specialties, in the concert stage, and in the choir, and in the opera house, and in choreography, and in the teaching field. In some situations, the accompanist in the full sense performs the functions of a psychologist who is able to remove the excessive stress of a soloist, an instrumentalist, a negative background before going on stage, is able to find an accurate, bright associative hint for an artistic mood.

аccompanist, science, art, training, artistic image, personality, teachermusician, single, learned, novelty of sight.