The economic research as development of economic doctrine
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2020-05-20 21:03
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330.8 (29)
Istoria teoriilor economice, doctrinelor, școlilor și curentelor economice (28)
SM ISO690:2012
MENIN, Alon; CROTENCO, Irina. The economic research as development of economic doctrine. In: Relaţii internaţionale. Plus. 2020, nr. 1(17), pp. 205-214. ISSN 1857-4440.
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Relaţii internaţionale. Plus
Numărul 1(17) / 2020 / ISSN 1857-4440 /ISSNe 2587-3393

The economic research as development of economic doctrine

CZU: 330.8
JEL: A10, B00
Pag. 205-214

Menin Alon1, Crotenco Irina2
1 Free International University of Moldova,
2 Institute of International Relations of Moldova
Disponibil în IBN: 20 mai 2020


The new realities of a global, knowledge-based economy in the 21st century require a new approach to national economic policy based more on smart support for the building blocks of innovation and entrepreneurship and less on capital accumulation, budget surpluses, or social spending. Without an economic theory and doctrine that match the new realities, it will be very hard for policymakers to take the steps needed to foster economic growth

Economic Research, economic growth, Capital Accumulation