Стратегия защиты пшеницы на юге России: перспективы
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ВОЛКОВА, Г.. Стратегия защиты пшеницы на юге России: перспективы. In: Protecţia plantelor - realizări şi perspective. 47, 27-28 octombrie 2015, Кишинев. Кишинев: Tipografia "Print-Caro", 2015, pp. 12-15. ISBN 978-9975-56-266-9 .
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Protecţia plantelor - realizări şi perspective
47, 2015
Simpozionul "Protecţia plantelor - realizări şi perspective"
Кишинев, Moldova, 27-28 octombrie 2015

Стратегия защиты пшеницы на юге России: перспективы

Pag. 12-15

Волкова Г.
Всероссийский научно-исследовательский институт биологической защиты растений, Краснодар
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The ways of limiting the spread, intensity and severity of pathogens of wheat. The assessment of winter wheat cultivars sown in the North Caucasus has been conducted in dynamics on artificial infectious backgrounds, which made it possible to substantiate the principles of optimal spatial location of cultivars resistant to pathogens and their rotation. Immunological characteristics and identified resistance types of specific wheat cultivars, as well as effective resistance genes provide an opportunity of their rational use in breeding and production.

Wheat, cultivars, pathogens, resistance types