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Universitatea Tehnică a Moldovei
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2022-08-11 15:33
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pISSN: 2587-3474
eISSN: 2587-3482
Journal of Engineering Sciences
  • B+ (2019.12.06-2023.12.05)

JES is an international journal looking for innovation and creativity in the fields of engineering and includes four fascicles:

  • Industrial Engineering (A);
  • Electronics and Informatics (B);
  • Architecture, Civil Engineering and Environment (C);
  • Food Engineering (D).

JES aims to achieve the most modern theories and applications of these fields. Every manuscript sent to these domains should be based on a clear hypothesis and provide new information.

The purpose of JES is to provide a platform for researchers and engineers to promote, share and discuss new issues in engineering and developing technologies. The Technical University of Moldova publishes the Journal four times a year.

The JES follows the double-blind mutual examination procedure for filing all manuscripts. Supported documents will be available online (free access) and print version as well. Readers can study and download Open Access articles at no cost.

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Conţinutul numărului de revistă

Industrials simulation modeling technology application to improve the efficiency in automatic production line equipment


DOI: 10.52326/jes.utm.2021.28(3).01

CZU: 004.94

Nguyen Tuan-Linh

Setting of the angle of incidence for generating Lamb waves by non-contact method


DOI: 10.52326/jes.utm.2021.28(3).02

CZU: 621.3.092.53:534.2

Buga Alexandru

Design aspects of installation devices of the support rings


DOI: 10.52326/jes.utm.2021.28(3).03

CZU: 621.887.002.5

Botez Alexei , Rusu Elena

Ignition and combustion of single solid particles as non-isothermal methods of chemical kinetics


DOI: 10.52326/jes.utm.2021.28(3).04

CZU: 544.45:546.27

Ambrosi Gheorghe

Energy characteristics of phase regulating device based on "Star" circuit


DOI: 10.52326/jes.utm.2021.28(3).05

CZU: 621.314.25

Kalinin Lev , Zaitsev Dmitrii , Tirshu Mihai , Golub Irina , Kaloshin Danila N.

Fitness and comfort assessment of footwear: an anthropometric appraisal


DOI: 10.52326/jes.utm.2021.28(3).06

CZU: 685.34.017.8

Azodo Adinife Patrick , Ismaila Salami O. , Owhor Sampson Chisa

Multiple classification algorithms unimodal and multimodal target recognition systems


DOI: 10.52326/jes.utm.2021.28(3).07

CZU: 623.4.021+004.42

Perju Veacheslav

Artificial intelligence in stock market investment


DOI: 10.52326/jes.utm.2021.28(3).08

CZU: 336.76:004.8

Mohapatra Badri Narayan , Nagargoje Bhagwat , Zurunge Prajwal , More Suraj

Regression analysis of the energy produced in cogeneration and supplied to district heating systems


DOI: 10.52326/jes.utm.2021.28(3).09

CZU: 697.34:621.311.2

Chelmenciuc Corina , Borosan Constantin

Development ultra-high strength cementitious characteristics using supplementary cementitious materials


DOI: 10.52326/jes.utm.2021.28(3).10

CZU: 693.54:666.972

Baiee Amee

Performance studies on water flow control using P, PI and PID controllers


DOI: 10.52326/jes.utm.2021.28(3).11

CZU: 628.17:681.515

Aremanda Ramesh Babu , Yohannes Nahom , Ghezae Yosief

Microencapsulation of functional components in the food technology: partially optimistic view


DOI: 10.52326/jes.utm.2021.28(3).12

CZU: 663.1:[637.146+663.81]

Baerle Alexei

The role of berries in quality and safety ensuring of goat's and cow's milk yoghurt


DOI: 10.52326/jes.utm.2021.28(3).13

CZU: 637.146.34:634.7

Cușmenco Tatiana , Sandulachi Elizaveta , Bulgaru Viorica , Macari Artur

Palynological, physico-chemical and biologically active substances profile in some types of honey in the Republic of Moldova


DOI: 10.52326/jes.utm.2021.28(3).14

CZU: 638.165.8:581.331.2(478)

Chirsanova Aurica , Capcanari Tatiana , Boiştean Alina

Development of the real-time pcr methodology for testing mycotoxigenic microorganisms in grape marc


DOI: 10.52326/jes.utm.2021.28(3).15

CZU: 663.252.61:579

Sturza Rodica , Mitin Valentin , Mitina Irina , Zgardan Dan , Patraș Antoanela , Behta Emilia