Cryptanalysis of some stream ciphers
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2022-09-18 12:32
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MALYUTINA, Nadezhda. Cryptanalysis of some stream ciphers. In: Quasigroups and Related Systems. 2019, nr. 2(27), pp. 281-292. ISSN 1561-2848.
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Quasigroups and Related Systems
Numărul 2(27) / 2019 / ISSN 1561-2848

Cryptanalysis of some stream ciphers

CZU: 004.056.55+519.254+519.7

Pag. 281-292

Malyutina Nadezhda
State University „Dimitrie Cantemir”
Disponibil în IBN: 25 martie 2020


We show that the Vojvoda attacks (attacks with selected plaintext and selected ciphertext) on Markovski cipher can be modied on generalized Markovski cipher based on left and right quasigroups. We give a comparative analysis, identifying positive and negative points in these attacks.