International trade and evolution of its state regulation
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HRYMALYUK, Andrey; MASLENNIKOV, Yevgen. International trade and evolution of its state regulation. In: World economy and international economic relationsInternational Scientific Collection. Volume 3, 1 ianuarie 2020, Chişinău. 2020, pp. 123-126.
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World economy and international economic relations
Volume 3, 2020
Conferința "World economy and international economic relations"
Chişinău, Moldova, 1 ianuarie 2020

International trade and evolution of its state regulation

Pag. 123-126

Hrymalyuk Andrey, Maslennikov Yevgen
Odessa National Economic University
Disponibil în IBN: 30 ianuarie 2020


The article shows that the modern world economy is moving towards a new historical cycle in the development of international trade and its state regulation, the beginning of which can be accompanied by a transition to a protectionist foreign trade policy and a deepening globalization crisis. From this point of view, the processes occurring today in the world economy should be viewed in a broad historical context as a manifestation of the deeply cyclical nature of the development of international trade.

international trade, crisis of globalization, government regulation, trade freedom, protectionism, mercantilism, neomercantilism, trade wars, historical cycle

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