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2023-04-17 22:33
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GUŞUVATI, Aliona, BULAT, Nicoleta. Headhunting. In: Simpozion Ştiinţific Internaţional al Tinerilor Cercetători : Culegere de articole selective, Ed. Ediţia a XVII-a, 24-25 aprilie 2019, Chişinău. Chişinău Republica Moldova: Centrul Editorial-Poligrafic al ASEM, 2019, Ediţia 17, pp. 338-343. ISBN 978-9975-75-962-5.
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Simpozion Ştiinţific Internaţional al Tinerilor Cercetători
Ediţia 17, 2019
Conferința "Simpozion Ştiinţific Internaţional al Tinerilor Cercetători"
Ediţia a XVII-a, Chişinău, Moldova, 24-25 aprilie 2019


JEL: A22 Economic Education and Teaching of Economics: Undergraduate

Pag. 338-343

Guşuvati Aliona, Bulat Nicoleta
Academia de Studii Economice din Moldova
Disponibil în IBN: 5 decembrie 2019


Headhunting (also known as Executive Search) is the process of recruiting individuals to fill senior positions in organisations. This style of recruiting may be undertaken by an organisation's board of directors, or HR executives, or by external executive recruitment representatives known as headhunters. In this article, we will find out what is the difference between recruiters and headhunters and what are the types of retained headhunting firms. We will see which is better Contingency or Retained Recruitment. For those who want to be hunted by proffesionals, there are some advises how to be noticed and appreciated by headhunters. The research is actual because of nowdays’ circumstances. Everone wants a well-paid job, one that worths the time spend daily. However, the competivity sometimes is too rude, that is why is important to now what are the right steps to achieve the job post we want. In the same time, it is good to find out the tools that may help us to show the right image of us, to get an usefull, qualitative feedback from the people already have worked with us. Headhunters have a good commission for their job, and the arguments why this job will never disappear are strong enough to be trusted.  

Headhunting, headhunters, job position, promotion, search, negotiating, feedback, social networking