Valenţe stilistice ale neologismelor - neologismul în argou şi jargon
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2023-05-09 17:59
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BĂLU, Maria Mădălina. Valenţe stilistice ale neologismelor - neologismul în argou şi jargon. In: Intertext , 2019, nr. 1-2(49-50), pp. 141-145. ISSN 1857-3711.
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Numărul 1-2(49-50) / 2019 / ISSN 1857-3711

Valenţe stilistice ale neologismelor - neologismul în argou şi jargon

Stylistic Valences of Neologisms – the Neologism in Slang and Jargon

CZU: 81’373.43

Pag. 141-145

Bălu Maria Mădălina
Liceul tehnologic Roșia-Jiu
Disponibil în IBN: 20 septembrie 2019


Romanian language is a very receptive language to neologisms, which allows not only its continuous enrichment, but also the modernization, abstraction and even the internationalization of the Romanian vocabulary. Neologisms constitute the newest layer of the literary language lexicon, an index of its connection to modern civilization, from a dual perspective: diachronous and synchronous. Thanks to neologisms, first of all, we are able to give expression to a more subtle, more nuanced, more elevated thinking. The need for precision, accuracy, the desire for clarity or plasticity of expression, as well as the need to name new material and spiritual realities led to the lending of a large number of neologisms of Latin-Romanic and Germanic origin, most of which - won a definitive place in the contemporary Romanian lexicon. Used in literature as a resource for language renewal, the arrogant stylistic register creates semantic figures by new meanings attributed to common language, to regionalisms, archaisms, neologisms, or words borrowed from the Romany language, generating a vague language. Artistic expressiveness is determined by metaphor, metonymy, euphemism etc. through which the semantic transfer occurs and the conversion of the argotic terms into artistic signifiers.

language, vocabulary, neologisms, euphemism, internalization