Prezența armatei române în Basarabia la începutul anului 1918
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GIURCĂ, Ion. Prezența armatei române în Basarabia la începutul anului 1918. In: Revista de Istorie a Moldovei. 2017, nr. 4(112), pp. 56-67. ISSN 1857-2022.
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Revista de Istorie a Moldovei
Numărul 4(112) / 2017 / ISSN 1857-2022

Prezența armatei române în Basarabia la începutul anului 1918

Presence of the Romanian Army in Bessarabia in the Beginning of 1918

CZU: [94(478)+355(498)]"1918"
Pag. 56-67

Giurcă Ion
Universitatea „Hyperion”, Bucureşti
Disponibil în IBN: 9 martie 2019


The establishment of the Country Council (Sfatul Tarii) in Chisinau marked the beginning of a process that resulted in the unification of the Moldavian Democratic Republic and Romania. The disarray and robbery committed by Russian troops and local Bolshevik elements in Bessarabia made the representatives of the people in the Country Council request the Romanian government to send troops to Bessarabia to restore order. Following discussions and risk assessments, the Romanian government decided to send four divisions east of the Prut. They acted in compliance with the assigned mission. The population and authorities in Bessarabia acknowledged the presence of the Romanian troops as necessary and beneficial, but the authorities in Petrograd and Kiev as well as the Bolsheviks in the Moldavian Democratic Republic considered it an act of aggression. What is certain is that the Romanian military presence in Bessarabia provided the decision-makers in Chisinau with freedom of action regarding the domestic and foreign policy of the republic, the unification with the Country included

Country Council, Bessarabia, Moldavian Democratic Republic, Romanian government, Romanian troops, division