Basarabia: preludii la Marea Unire
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2019-03-11 14:58
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94(478+498) (69)
History of Moldova. Republic of Moldova. (21)
History of Romania. Republic of Romania (67)
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ZUB, Alexandru. Basarabia: preludii la Marea Unire. In: Revista de Istorie a Moldovei. 2017, nr. 4(112), pp. 5-10. ISSN 1857-2022.
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Revista de Istorie a Moldovei
Numărul 4(112) / 2017 / ISSN 1857-2022

Basarabia: preludii la Marea Unire

Bessarabia: Preludes to the Great Union

CZU: 94(478+498)
Pag. 5-10

Zub Alexandru
Institutul de Istorie „A. D. Xenopol“, Iaşi
Disponibil în IBN: 9 martie 2019


Even if history is not always understood and interpreted as a linear continuity, with determinations pursued in time and space, it is certain that ideas and events often come in a way that leaves the impression that they are successive series, as the scholar A.D. Xenopol corroborated history as a science of facts in succession. In the series of such successive series falls the idea of ​​Romanian unity. Considered in this key, the completion of the Romanian state unity in 1918 is the culmination of a large historical series, complex and long-lasting. As shown in the present study, the Unification of 1918 was a process with a long history, on its agitated and sinuous path took place first the Union of the Principalities (1859), then the integration of Dobrogea (1878), and as a culmination of the process, the completion of the Great Union, in 1918, by the vote of Sfatul Țării (The Country Council) on 27 March in Chisinau, by the decision of the General Congress of Bukovina on 28 November, to which, in just three days, on December 1, was added the decision from Alba Iulia of the Transylvanian Romanians for the union with the country

Moldova, Bessarabia, Country Council, General Congress of Bukovina, Transylvania, Great Union