A representation theorem for bounded distributive hyperlattices
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2019-04-01 22:11
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512.53+512.55 (2)
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AMROUNE, Abdelaziz; OUMHANI, Ali. A representation theorem for bounded distributive hyperlattices. In: Quasigroups and Related Systems. 2018, nr. 1(26), pp. 1-12. ISSN 1561-2848.
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Quasigroups and Related Systems
Numărul 1(26) / 2018 / ISSN 1561-2848

A representation theorem for bounded distributive hyperlattices

CZU: 512.53+512.55
MSC 2010: 03E72,06B20,06D72
Pag. 1-12

Amroune Abdelaziz1, Oumhani Ali2
1 University Mohamed,
2 Ecole Normale Supèrieure de Bou Saada
Disponibil în IBN: 17 august 2018


A representation theorem for bounded distributive hyperlattices is given. The equivalence between the category of Priestley spaces and the dual of the category of bounded distributive hyperlattices is established.

Hyp erlattices, distributivehyp erlattices, lterandidealofhyp erlattice, Priestleyspace, homomorphismofhyp erlattices, homomorphismofPriestleyspaces.

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