Preţul – un atribut important pentru managerul unei firme
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2018-08-02 13:54
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Conferința "Creşterea economică în condiţiile globalizării"
Chișinău, Moldova, 12-13 octombrie 2017, manifestare științifică internațională

Preţul – un atribut important pentru managerul unei firme

JEL: M, M31
Pag. 122-125

Tacu Georgiana1, Vasile Matei2, Matei-Gherman Corina3
1 Institutul de Cercetari Economice şi Sociale “Gheorghe Zane” , Iaşi,
2 SC Agricost SRL, Braila,
3 Asociația Cultural–Științifică “Pleiadis”, Iaşi
Disponibil în IBN: 18 noiembrie 2017


The notion of price plays an important role in economic theory and practice. The only real measure of the value of this work is being considered and the actual price and the amount of money is the nominal price of the commodity. In exchange, the exchange value of goods occurs is given by the work consumed to obtain goods and cargo performance (in terms of features), their importance and rarity. But there are price risk. Price risk is theoretically viewed from several perspectives. Call risk associated uncertainty of any result. Uncertainty may relate to the likelihood of an event or influence by an event if it occurs. But no estimation technique can capture the full richness of the factors that enter into a management decision. That is why a manager should not make a choice between the forecast price and empirical estimation, should be considered complementary and related information and know that the manager fails to pay sufficient attention to all subordinates, especially those in production.  

manager, risc de preţ,

dezvoltare, preţ, valoare