Autenticitatea din perspectivă pedagogică
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CALLO, Tatiana. Autenticitatea din perspectivă pedagogică . In: Revistă de știinţe socioumane . 2009, nr. 2(12), pp. 9-13. ISSN 1857-0119.
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Revistă de știinţe socioumane
Numărul 2(12) / 2009 / ISSN 1857-0119 /ISSNe 2587-330X

Autenticitatea din perspectivă pedagogică

Pag. 9-13

Callo Tatiana
Universitatea Pedagogică de Stat „Ion Creangă“ din Chişinău
ICA2-CT-2001-10004 Environmentally clean industrial processes using novel ultrasonically promoted chemistry
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In the present pedagogically step of authenticity is plenary inscribed in the process of modernization; also it‘s defending in that context, something apart, rival, in comparison with that of efficiency and quality. Authenticity becomes a necessary condition for cognition. So, is necessary to form and cultivate at persons, at least a minimum of convictions, that becoming a reliable base in activity of knowledge and of behavior.

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<full_title>Revistă de știinţe socioumane </full_title>
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