Spiritul autohton în nuvelistica anilor ’60-’70
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Literature of Balkan Romance / Romanic languages (1126)
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CIOCANU, Ion. Spiritul autohton în nuvelistica anilor ’60-’70. In: Philologia. 2015, nr. 3-4(279-280), pp. 8-20. ISSN 0236-3119.
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Numărul 3-4(279-280) / 2015 / ISSN 0236-3119

Spiritul autohton în nuvelistica anilor ’60-’70

CZU: 821.135.1-32(478).09
Pag. 8-20

Ciocanu Ion
Institutul de Filologie al AŞM
Disponibil în IBN: 14 septembrie 2015


This study is assigned to the principled renewals of the novelistic of East of Prut of the 60s. After the first postwar decade, dominated by the communist ideology, being reflected by Party judgments about the magazines «Zvezda» and «Leningrad», about the work of Vano Muradeli „The Great Friendship” etc., then by the local one – „On the state of Soviet artistic Moldavian literature and the measures to improve it”, the horizon of the prose of the east of Prut was one particularly dark, as it was outlined in the stories and novels of I. Canna, Ia. Cutcoveţchi, L. Barschi etc. There was required a fundamental change, a return of the writers to the troubles, the needs of the local people, to the traditions and the native folklore etc. The prose of the East of Prut was saved by Ion Druţă and Vasile Vasilache, then by the younger writers as Gheorghe Malarciuc, Mihail Gheorghe Cibotaru, Vlad Ioviţă, Iacob Burghiu, Nicolae Esinencu. The study focuses on the analysis of the books „La noi în sat” and „Dor de oameni” by Ion Druţă, „Tăcerile casei aceleia” by V. Vasilache, „Din moşi-strămoşi” by Gh. Malarciuc, „Soare în cârjă” by Ia. Burghiu, „Râsul şi plânsul vinului” by V. Ioviţă, „Sacla” by N. Esinencu, who founded the qualitive novelistic of the East of Prut, valuable to a great extend even today.

prose, story, novel, talent, suggestion, conflict,

local spirit, soul anxiety, dramatic...