Transculturalitatea – o direcție transdisciplinară
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2020-03-08 12:33
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BARAGA, Victoria. Transculturalitatea – o direcție transdisciplinară. In: Revistă de știinţe socioumane . 2015, nr. 1(29), pp. 20-24. ISSN 1857-0119.
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Revistă de știinţe socioumane
Numărul 1(29) / 2015 / ISSN 1857-0119 /ISSNe 2587-330X

Transculturalitatea – o direcție transdisciplinară

CZU: 001.2
Pag. 20-24

Baraga Victoria
Universitatea Pedagogică de Stat „Ion Creangă“ din Chişinău
Disponibil în IBN: 16 iulie 2015


Scientists and thinkers of the world studying the phenomenon of declining current cultural sphere, come with proposals for elucidation and resolution of this worsened situation. A solution in this direction is promoted by Basarab Nicolescu – Romanian physicist and philosopher Franco-French, which proposes the establishment of a transdisciplinary culture. Quantum Revolution requires intelligence revolution. Transdisciplinarity – as a way of thinking, performing a gnosiological educational formation of the human being, promoting new principles of perception of the world. Starting from the valences of emotions and feelings, disciplinary mentality questions emotional ethics. So Love, which is a supreme feeling of a beings, has a function in the guiding and creative universe. Transdisciplinary research has the viewfinder and world cultural conflict, which proposes to solve by finding a conciliatory term. Therefore we can speak of a new concept: the transculturaliate significantly exceeding pluri and Interculturalism, opening to what lies beyond the cultural complex. By analogy we can talk transreligiozity or transliterality. Transreligiozitatea not mean uprooting spiritual tradition, but finding the Religious center of gravity on the axis of Love. And transliteralitatea is not just a esthetic match of words, but the expression of spiritual vibration.

revolution intelligence, affective ethics, transculturality.,