De la teoria biostructurală la determinarea aminoacizilor liberi din plante
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COSMA, Adelina, BONTAS, Danut, PINTILIE, Olga, ZAHARIA, Marius, DROCHIOIU, Gabi, SANDU, Ion. De la teoria biostructurală la determinarea aminoacizilor liberi din plante. In: Tehnocopia: revistă ştiinţifico-metodică, 2014, nr. 2(11), pp. 5-11. ISSN 1857-3843.
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Tehnocopia: revistă ştiinţifico-metodică
Numărul 2(11) / 2014 / ISSN 1857-3843

De la teoria biostructurală la determinarea aminoacizilor liberi din plante

Pag. 5-11

Cosma Adelina, Bontas Danut, Pintilie Olga, Zaharia Marius, Drochioiu Gabi, Sandu Ion
Universitatea "Alexandru Ioan Cuza", Iaşi
Disponibil în IBN: 28 ianuarie 2015


By 1958, on using the pressing-out method, Eugen Macovschi postulated and then demonstrated the existence of the biostructured matter of the living bodies. The modern biology is in essence a molecular science, which reduces the complex behaviours of the living organisms to chemical reactions in the living cells. Consequently, it is difficult to explain the difference between dead and alive. The biostructure features a remarkable characteristic of breaking down partially and reversibly, under the influence of a wide variety of factors. In diseased organisms (cancer, Alzheimer, diabetes) the biostructure seems to be altered. Mostly, several proteins in the living biostructure are broken down and the concentration of amino acids increased accordingly. Since the biostructural alterations in living organisms could be the result of aging, freezing, interaction with heavy metals or metabolic inhibitors such as sodium azide or dinitrophenols, we utilize a simple, sensitive, fast, cheap and reproducible ninhydrin-based spectrophotometric method of quantization the amino acids released from the organism as a consequence of biostructure breaking down. Besides, the method can be used at determining amino acids from other biologic fluids (plasma, blood, urine etc.).

biostructura plantei, ninhidrină,

aminoacizi, spectrofotometru