Новый центр Кишинева, каким он мог стать по замыслу А. В. Щусева
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94(478-25):72 (24)
History of Moldova. Republic of Moldova. (61)
History of North and Central America (4928)
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ЮРЧЕНКО, Наталья. Новый центр Кишинева, каким он мог стать по замыслу А. В. Щусева. In: Identităţile Chişinăului: Oraşul subteran, Ed. 6, 24-25 octombrie 2019, Chişinău. Chişinău: Tipografia „Bons Ofices”, 2020, Ediția 6, pp. 150-160.
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Identităţile Chişinăului
Ediția 6, 2020
Conferința "Identităţile Chişinăului: oraşul subteran"
6, Chişinău, Moldova, 24-25 octombrie 2019

Новый центр Кишинева, каким он мог стать по замыслу А. В. Щусева

The new centre of Chisinau, as it could become according to the plan of A. Shchusev

CZU: 94(478-25):72

Pag. 150-160

Юрченко Наталья
Институт культурного наследия
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Among the unrealized projects by A. Shchusev for his hometown, in terms of its importance and scale of what was conceived, perhaps this one is outstanding – the project of the post-war reconstruction of Chisinau and its main street, in particular. It is a so-called scan of Lenin Street (now Blvd. St. cel Mare), where all the key public and residential buildings, which were supposed to build up the central thoroughfare of the capital, are presented in detail. It should be noted that the project of the central street of Chisinau, considered by us, carried out in 1946 under the leadership of academician A. Shchusev in the state design workshops of the Committee for Architecture Affairs of the Council of Ministers of the USSR is, first of all, a sketch in nature, even without a detailed study of individual buildings. It is known that the project was repeatedly revised and revised afterwards, already with the participation of young local architects, whom the master actively involved in the work on the restoration of his native city. However, despite the presence of a rather impressive team that had a hand in the execution of the project of the development of the centre of Chisinau, it should be recognized as author’s to a large extent, since Shchusev never signed projects in the creation of which he did not take a direct part.

Chisinau, city centre, A. Shchusev