South Sudan in permanent crisis
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2022-12-31 14:46
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KUCHARČÍK, Rudolf , CHUGURYAN, Simona, ZUBRO, Tetyana. South Sudan in permanent crisis. In: Teoria și practica administrării publice, Ed. 26, 20 mai 2022, Chişinău. Chişinău: Centrul Editorial-Poligrafic al USM, 2022, Ediția 26, pp. 100-103. ISBN 978-9975-3542-3-3.
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Teoria și practica administrării publice
Ediția 26, 2022
Conferința "Teoria și practica administrației publice"
26, Chişinău, Moldova, 20 mai 2022

South Sudan in permanent crisis

Pag. 100-103

Kucharčík Rudolf , Chuguryan Simona, Zubro Tetyana
University of Economics in Bratislava
Disponibil în IBN: 11 noiembrie 2022


South Sudan is the youngest countries in the world. It was created as a result of the tensions in a broader/historical Sudan. The expectations were big and ambitious – to stabilize a region that was deeply affected by a long-term war. Those hopes were not fulfilled – South Sudan is still in the war – in a different kind of it. No stability is coming and political and economic development of the country even has not started yet. There are many challenges for international community to help South Sudan – political, economic, cultural. And althou-gh it seems that South Sudan is too far from the Europe and the conflict does not affect Europe, migrations crisis showed us that it is necessary to watch the crisis beyond European borders as they can affect European political and economic development and they can be used in populistic electoral campaigns within Europe.

political development, economic development, migration crisis, election campaigns, South Sudan