New developments of distributed computing technologies in Moldova
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BOGATENCOV, Peter P.; SECRIERU, Grigore; ILUHA, Nicolai P.; DEGTEARIOV, Nichita; HOROSH, Grigorii. New developments of distributed computing technologies in Moldova. In: CEUR Workshop Proceedings. Vol. 1787, 4-9 iulie 2016, Dubna. Aachen, Germania: CEUR-WS, 2016, pp. 20-25.
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CEUR Workshop Proceedings
Vol. 1787, 2016
Conferința "7th International Conference Distributed Computing and Gridtechnologies in Science and Education"
Dubna, Russia, 4-9 iulie 2016

New developments of distributed computing technologies in Moldova

Pag. 20-25

Bogatencov Peter P.1, Secrieru Grigore2, Iluha Nicolai P.1, Degteariov Nichita2, Horosh Grigorii2
2 Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science ASM
Disponibil în IBN: 24 iulie 2022


In the paper described directions of distributed, high performance computing (HPC) and other computer technologies development in Moldova. Considered research includes analysis of trends in the development of computer technologies, which focused on creating conditions for solving complex applied problems with high demands of performance computing resources. The result of these studies is the following conclusion: the main development directions focused on integration of distributed Grid and parallel HPC facilities on the base of virtualization paradigm within integrated cloud infrastructure in order to expand the range of opportunities for endusers by providing heterogeneous computing resources. Perspectives of utilization of cloud computing technologies for integration of distributed Grid infrastructures and HPC clusters in heterogeneous computer infrastructures that are offering effective computational resources and end-user interfaces are considering. 

Cloud computing, computational clusters, distributed computing technology, Grid computing infrastructure, High Performance Computing