European integration of the Republic of Moldova: geopolitical realities
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International relations. World, global politics. International affairs. Foreign policy (1476)
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PAIU, Dana. European integration of the Republic of Moldova: geopolitical realities. In: Relaţii internaţionale. Plus, 2020, nr. 2(18), pp. 140-146. ISSN 1857-4440. DOI:
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Relaţii internaţionale. Plus
Numărul 2(18) / 2020 / ISSN 1857-4440 /ISSNe 2587-3393

European integration of the Republic of Moldova: geopolitical realities

CZU: 327(478)

Pag. 140-146

Paiu Dana
Academy of Public Administration, Republic of Moldova
Disponibil în IBN: 5 decembrie 2021


The article presents the Republic of Moldova - a small state, located in the area of Eastern Europe, with modest possibilities financial, is characterized by a specific geopolitical situation, on the one hand, is Romania - country EU and NATO member, and, on the other hand, Ukraine, which tends to integrate into the EU and NATO. In this setting, the author reports that a geopolitical matrix has formed that requires an approach new perspective of the international relations of the Republic of Moldova, the priority role in which it is attributed to accession to the European Union. The policy of the European accession of the Republic of Moldova recognizes achievements and failures. From this perspective, it is essential to analyze the errors, difficulties. New programs are needed, the author mentions, focused on achieving the Republic of Moldova - European integration.

accession, geopolitical matrix, errors, successes, final goal