Охрана географических указаний в странах СНГ и региональные инициативы
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GABUNIA, David. Охрана географических указаний в странах СНГ и региональные инициативы. In: Intellectus, 2004, nr. 4, pp. 37-45. ISSN 1810-7079.
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Numărul 4 / 2004 / ISSN 1810-7079 /ISSNe 1810-7087

Охрана географических указаний в странах СНГ и региональные инициативы
CZU: 347.77:911.3:33(47+57)

Pag. 37-45

Gabunia David
Agentia de Stat pentru Proprietatea Intelectuala a Republicii Moldova (AGEPI)
Disponibil în IBN: 30 noiembrie 2013


The new economic relations give rise in the CIS countries to the negative processes of the large-scaled falsification of products. Unfortunately, many producers identify the principles of the free competition with the permissiveness in their activity. It is beginning of the illegal use of many known geographic indications. The products with counterfeit geographic indications flood the markets of the CIS countries that are usual for the autochthonous producers, where the products with such denominations are well known and find the market. This matter also has a special meaning in Georgia which is a producer of well-known wines and mineral waters.

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