Влияние пониженных температур на прорастание семян сои
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БУДАК, Александр. Влияние пониженных температур на прорастание семян сои. In: Genetica, fiziologia şi ameliorarea plantelor. Ediția 7, 4-5 octombrie 2021, Chişinău. Chişinău: Tipogr. "PrintCaro", 2021, pp. 115-118. ISBN 978-9975-56-912-5.
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Genetica, fiziologia şi ameliorarea plantelor
Ediția 7, 2021
Conferința "Genetica, fiziologia şi ameliorarea plantelor"
Ediția 7 , Chişinău, Moldova, 4-5 octombrie 2021

Влияние пониженных температур на прорастание семян сои

DOI: https://doi.org/10.53040/gppb7.2021.30
CZU: 633.34:631.53:581.1

Pag. 115-118

Будак Александр
Институт генетики, физиологии и защиты растений
20.80009.7007.04 Biotehnologii şi procedee genetice de evaluare, conservare şi valorificare a agrobiodiversităţii
Disponibil în IBN: 5 octombrie 2021


The urgency of soybean breeding for increasing resistance to low temperatures is caused by a large share of the arid regions of Moldova, where the increase in productivity can be ensured by carrier earlier plant-ing and ripening periods before the summer droughts peaks. Thus, as a result of the studies carried out, it was found that when germinating seeds at a temperature of 4˚C, selection is stricter and more efficient. Sowing in the early stages is possible, since soybean seeds remain viable at low temperatures, and when the temperature rises, the best varieties reach the germination rate characteristic of optimal conditions.

Soybean, negative temperature, frost resistance

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