Abordarea Centenarului Unirii din perspectivă pedagogică
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MOLCOSEAN, Alexandru. Abordarea Centenarului Unirii din perspectivă pedagogică. In: Centenarul unirii:educatia in spiritul valorilor nationale din perspectiva dialogului pedagogic. 28-30 noiembrie 2018, Chişinău. Chişinău: Tipografia "Garomont Studio", 2018, pp. 110-114. ISBN 978-9975-134-61-3.
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Centenarul unirii: 2018
Simpozionul "Centenarul unirii: "
Chişinău, Moldova, 28-30 noiembrie 2018

Abordarea Centenarului Unirii din perspectivă pedagogică

Pag. 110-114

Molcosean Alexandru
Liceul Teoretic „B.P.Haşdeu“, Bălţi
Disponibil în IBN: 15 martie 2021


After a long time, when the fate of the Romanian Lands was established by the influence of the Great Powers, the time came as the territory framed between the geographical boundaries as (Carpathians - Danube - Black Sea) to become selfdependent and free in its own actions and unhindered in terms of making decisions for the natural course of things. Thereby, a century ago, Romanians from everywhere chose to belong to a strictly Romanian territory with Latin origins directly grounded in the history of the Romanian nation. Thus, on December 1st, 1918, a memorable event for the history of the Romanians takes place, that is, Romanians from everywhere have expressed their ardent desire to become an integral and united nation for ever. Thereby creating Great Romania, was an exceptional phenomenon for identifying true Romanians with national values. At the same time, this fact continues today to shacke the hearts of the true patriots. The Great Union of 1918 becomes an event, introduced into the discipline of studying history. As a result, the future generations are meant to intensively study the process of unification of the Romanians so that they, in their turn, to be those heroes of the time who will make a reunion of the Romanians. The weld that will not be dismantled for ever.

centenarian, Great Union, December 1st, 1918, methodology, the modern didactics