Removing the threats of obsolete pesticides in Moldova
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2020-08-05 20:11
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DA PENHA REBELO, Fernando ; VANEK, Jan. Removing the threats of obsolete pesticides in Moldova. In: Contaminated sites. 12-13 septembrie 2016, Bratislava. Bratislava, Slovacia: Slovak Environment Agency, 2016, pp. 46-49. ISBN 978-80-89503-54-4.
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Contaminated sites 2016
Conferința "Contaminated sites"
Bratislava, Slovakia, 12-13 septembrie 2016

Removing the threats of obsolete pesticides in Moldova

Pag. 46-49

da Penha Rebelo Fernando , Vanek Jan
Dekonta, A.S.
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Since 2011, DEKONTA has been responsible, in close cooperation with the POPs Centre of the Ministry of
Environment of Moldova, to dispose approximately 752 tonnes of obsolete pesticides (and pesticides
contaminated materials) from eight different warehouses in Moldova (Gradinita, Ciobalaccia, Clocusna,
Pascani, Singerei, Oliscani, Pelivan and Paupati). The main goal of our projects has been to repack the waste
into appropriate containers, clean-up the warehouses and to transport the contaminated waste for final disposal
in incineration facilities in Europe.
In this paper, it will be presented the process of safeguarding illustrating the challenges encountered and lessons
learned from the implemented projects in Moldova.

persistent organic pollutants (POPs), Obsolete Pesticides, Basel Convention, Moldova, Contaminated Sites, safeguarding, export, disposal